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"It's not that Christianity has been tried and found wanting, it's been found difficult and left untried!" - G.K. Chesterton
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Finding Truth Matters





5 Proofs For God | A God Worth Knowing | Biblical Language | Biblical Reliability | Cults Calling | Disappointed With Jesus? | DiscernmentEarthquakes? | How Old Does The Bible State the Universe Is? | I Doubt | About Biblical Inerrancy | Civil RIghts, Slavery, Love, & Same-Sex Marriage | Novel Doubt | Dealing With The Objections To GodPentecostal Apologetics | Is Religion The Greatest Cause of Bloodshed? | Evidences For The Resurrection Of Christ | Impossible Faith | Why Christianity is True & Logical | What Christians Really Believe | Evaluating Young Earth Creationism | Creation Ideas - What The Bible Doesn't Say About Creation | Apologetic Debates (MP3) | Mankind's 3 Greatest Unanswered Questions


Climate Change | Euthanasia | Global Challenges | Why Marriage Is Sacred | How Should We Think About Same-Sex Marriage | Religion & Politics Don't Mix And Other Myths | The Tasmanian Bell Bay Pulp Mill ProposalWhy Racial Discrimination Is Different | Circling Around The Marriage Square | Understanding The Stem Cell Debate The Tragedy of Suicide | Did Jesus Preach A 'Gay' Gospel? |


Making An Apology | Moral Naturalism? | Just War Theory | The New Morality of The New Atheists | Novel Doubt | Understanding The Ethics Of The Stem Cell Debate |


Why 'Safe, Legal, & Rare, Is A Myth | Understanding The Stem Cell Debate | Developing Reasonable Public Policy |


Becoming a Christian |  Be Strong In The Lord | How Christianity Is Different | The Cause of Christ | Great Conversions | The Essential Leadership Component: Integrity | Is The World Getting More Evil | The Bible For Lefthanders | Mordecai - The Model Father | About Moses | God Heals | Religion & Politics Don't Mix And Other Myths | Is Religion The Greatest Cause of Bloodshed? | Roman Catholicism Compared With Biblical Christianity | Understand The Song of Solomon | The Battles of Charles Spurgeon | Is Tithing For Today | What Christians Really Believe | Evaluating Young Earth Creationism | Comparing Christianity With Islam |


The Search For Significance | Leadership Lessons From Ernest Shackleton | Is Erotica In The Bible? | Where Are The Dead? |


Baptism | A Theology of Beauty | The Big Words of Christianity | Charismania | Conflicting Creation Accounts? | Cults Calling | What Is Heaven Like? | Is There A Hell? | How Old Does The Bible State the Universe Is? | About Biblical Inerrancy | Is Physical Healing In The Atonement? | How 'Pagan' Is Modern Christianity?Pentecostal Apologetics | The Prosperity Gospel | Evidences For The Resurrection Of ChristSola FidéSola GratiaSola  ScripturaSolo ChristiSoli Deo Gloria | Is Erotica In The Bible? | A Theology of Sexuality | T.U.L.I.P. -the Essence of Reformed Theology | What Christians Really Believe | Why Creation & Not Evolution | Exploring The Creeds


Finding Truth Matters offers an exciting range of apologetic material that challenges hearts and minds.

The Search For Significance  In the light of how many people now see Christianity, it is timely to point out what Christians (Really) Believe. Here's the top 5 beliefs of Christianity...[read] Christianity can be presented attractively if it is presented 'Apologetically' (reasonably) with gentleness and respect (1Peter 3:16-17). Many people have never heard a well-reasoned defense of the claims of Christianity. I have briefly introduced five categories of evidence. In another article I have presented five proofs for the existence of God. In yet another article I respond to the five main objections offered against the existence of God. This article assumes the next logical challenge: But why Christianity and not any other religion? It is my hope that as an ambassador of Christ you might be able to use the points raised in this article to more attractively respond to this challenge...[read] The World's 5 Biggest Problems

IntegrityComparing Roman Catholicism with ScriptureI DOUBT

5 Of The Best Objections To GodUnsheathing Charles Spurgeon's SwordThe Bible For Left-Handers, Judges 20:16

THE DUTY OF LEGISLATORS - Developing Reasonable Public Policy

It is the responsibiity of Legislators to evaluate proposed Public Policies. Here are some of the guidelines for evaluating the reasonableness of any proposed Public Policy [read]

Heaven and Hell are commonly presented as either the benefit or the consequence of how a person responds to God. It's as if people think that the whole point of religion is to get people into Heaven and to keep them out of Hell. From this "religious" perspective, Heaven is Ultimate Bliss, Paradise, Perfect Beauty - while Hell is Fire, Eternal Punishment, Anguish, Torment, and The Devil's Domain.

In recent times there has come a lot of push-back regarding the very notion of Hell...[read]

Proofs For The Resurrection of Christ [Read]

How We Know The Bible Is Reliable [Read]

Doing Life By EnduranceThe story of Ernest Shackleton and his Antarctic expedition is one of the most remarkable examples of human endurance ever. There are many spiritual lessons to be learned from this adventure that nearly ended in tragedy. [more]
5 Proofs For The Existence of God  Read my review of Barna & Viola's book- PAGAN CHRISTIANITY Disappointed with JesusWhy we need to learn to discern
In defence of Christianity
Classic Theology

Finding Truth Matters
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