Living By Virtue, Part 3 – By Virtue of Humility

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Living a virtuous life is only really possible if someone walks with Christ. In the Apostle Peter’s second Epistle, which was his last epistle before he was executed, he gives a list of the things which compound to a virtuous life. Dr. Corbett expounds this teaching in a four part teaching series with Part 3, By Virtue of Humility.


Writing during a very tense time in which the persecution was mounting against Christians, the Apostle Peter who is also just months away from his own execution, tells his readers to live virtuous lives.

The qualities of a virtuous life are not dependent upon our circumstances. On the contrary. When life becomes stressful and the anxiety increases it is the time for virtuous to remember the martyred Apostle’s words to us.

In this teaching series, Dr. Corbett draws on the teaching of the Apostle Peter and shows how we too can live a virtuous life and enjoy its benefits. This is Part 3, By Virtue of Humility.



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