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The Gospel - A Study of Romans

The Gospel, The Epistle To The Romans

This Study series includes printable PDFs and mentoring MP3s for the Group leader…


Introduction [PDF] [MP3]

Part 1 – The Power of God [PDF] [MP3]

Part 2 – Written On Hearts [PDF] [MP3]

Part 3 – None Righteous [PDF] [MP3]

Part 4 – Father Abraham [PDF] [MP3]

Part 5 – The Free Gift [PDF] [MP3]

Part 6 – Slaves Of Righteousness [PDF] [MP3]

Part 7 – Nothing Good In Me [PDF] [MP3]

Part 8 – According To His Purpose [PDF] [MP3]

Part 9 – God’s Purpose Of Election [PDF] [MP3]

Part 10 – The End Of The Law [PDF] [MP3]

Part 11 – A Partial Hardening [PDF] [MP3]

Part 12 – Sacrifices, Stewards, Servants [PDF] [MP3]

Part 13 – Put On The Lord Jesus Christ [PDF] [MP3]

Part 14 – Pursue What Makes For Peace [PDF] [MP3]

Part 15 – May You Abound In Hope [PDF] [MP3]

Part 16 – Watch Out For Those Who Cause Division [PDF] [MP3]

The Christian Walk, Studies In First Peter

THE CHRISTIAN WALK – Studies In First Peter


Lesson 1 Chosen To Be Strange Introduction to First Peter, 1Peter 1:1 – 2

Lesson 2 Born Again And Bound For Glory 1Peter 1:3 – 5

Lesson 3 Sufferings, Trials, And Testings 1Peter 1:6 – 7

Lesson 4 The Believer’s Focus: JESUS 1Peter 1:8 – 9

Lesson 5 Christ: Suffered But Was Glorified  1Peter 1:10 – 12

Lesson 6 Living The Walk: Holiness In Mind  1Peter 1:13 – 14

Lesson 7 We Live Differently 1Peter 1:15 – 17

Lesson 8 We Have Been Redeemed 1Peter 1:18 – 21

Lesson 9 What Love Means In The Christian Community 1Peter 1:22 

Lesson 10 Life Is Short, You Must Be Born Again 1Peter 1:23 – 25

Lesson 11 Don’t Hate, Don’t Lie, Don’t Neglect The Word

Lesson 12 The Universal Church Building Program

Lesson 13 The People of God With Purpose


Lesson 14 Be Objects Of Pagan Admiration

Lesson 15 Submission To Authority

Lesson 16 Godliness In The Workplace 1Peter 2:18-20

Lesson 17 No Retaliation For Insults 1Peter 2:21-25

Lesson 18 Unsaved Husbands 1Peter 3:1-6

Lesson 19 A Word To Husbands 1Peter 3:7

Lesson 20 A Summary Thus Far  1Peter 3:8-12

Lesson 21 Quiet Evangelism 1Peter 3:13-18

Lesson 22 The Believer’s Baptism 1Peter 3:19

Lesson 23 A Different Attitude 1Peter 4:1-3

Lesson 24 You’re Strange 1Peter 4:4-5

Lesson 25 Being A Clear Minded Prayer-Head 1Peter 4:7-9

Lesson 26 Do What You Do – Do Well 1Peter 4:10-11

The Christian Walk, Studies In First Peter

Disappointment With Jesus

Almost immediately after Jesus was resurrected, He joined two of his followers walking along the road to Emmaus. They were shattered. Their hopes were dashed. They had a picture of Jesus that Jesus didn’t live up to. And it seems ever since this time people- both Christ-followers and skeptics alike, have found reason to be disappointed with Jesus. They had “hoped”, we read in Luke 24:21, that Jesus would be the Redeemer of Israel, the One to deliver them from the oppression of the godless, ruthless, pagan Romans. But He didn’t. And therefore all that Moses, the Prophets and the Writings had said about Him was false. Or so they thought.

Hope is a powerful drive. It keeps a person going despite their circumstances. It promises that bad times won’t last and good times are just around the corner. We all need hope. But when it seems that hope is continually without basis it has the affect of making the heart sick (Prov. 13:12).

A Theology of Beauty

Not only is beauty one of the most faith-strengthening gifts of God, it is also one of the most powerful arguments for God. This notion is referred to by theologians as the Argument from Aethestics.  Not generally known for his contribution to Theology, it was the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes who most famously noted the connection between mankind’s appreciation of beauty being an argument for God (whom he called “Providence”).

The Great Conversions Of The Bible

In 2006 a Australian Federal Parliamentarian declared he and his Party should be regarded as truly representing the Christian vote of Australians. He then went on to more or less state that his understanding of Christianity was not the same as that of Evangelicals- who regard conversion as an essential – instead, his idea of Christianity was one of improving social conditions and promoting wealth-equity throughout society. He seemed to be criticising Evangelicals for preaching a Gospel of “conversion”. He wanted to champion a Christianity after the fashion of the great Deitrich Bonhoeffer. Is conversion necessary or not to be an authentic Christian?

Spurgeon’s Battles

He’s known as the “Prince of Preachers”. There was once a time when kings and their princely sons were the first ones into battle with their armies to defend their people. And if this is what is required of princes, then Charles Haddon Spurgeon deserves the royal accolade. For when the Church was under vicious attack in the nineteenth century from both within and without, it was Charles Spurgeon who had the courage to step into the fray at great personal cost. These attacks came in three waves during Spurgeon’s career. While he fought valiantly, he most frequently fought alone and it was this sad aspect of his battles that arguable led to his premature departure.

Faith Statement

Statement Of Faith The Bible is inspired by God and is without error. We base our beliefs upon no other book (2Tim. 3:16; 2Pet. 1:19-21). There is One God, who has always existed in three Persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit (Matt....

Ethics Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

One of the most controversial debates raging at the moment is about the ethics of embryonic stem cell research. This debate has been curiously pitched as Science versus Religion. Sadly, this unfairly simplistic assessment of the debate has meant that any argument put forward by any Christian from the field of medical-science is instantly dismissed as merely “religious” arguments! Therefore what this argument is supposed to be about is often lost in the false idea that this is about religion versus science…

Earthquakes and Natural Evil

Recent large earthquakes in both New Zealand, Japan, Chile, and Borneo have led many Christians to speculate about what God might be possibly saying through these catastrophes. Other Christians are struggling with interpreting these same events from the perspective of trying to understand how a God of love and power could allow such massive destruction and loss of human life?

The Morality Of Hell

Heaven and Hell are commonly presented as either the benefit or the consequence of how a person responds to God. It’s as if people think that the whole point of religion is to get people into Heaven and to keep them out of Hell. From this “religious” perspective, Heaven is Ultimate Bliss, Paradise, Perfect Beauty – while Hell is Fire, Eternal Punishment, Anguish, Torment, and The Devil’s Domain.

Pentecostal Apologetics – Defending The Gospel With Power

Why do some people believe? Every Christian has a story of conversion. For some Christians their story is a journey from atheism to belief in the God of the Bible because of the evidence. For others, like Abdu Murray, their conversion story from Islam to Christianity was based on the credibility of the Bible. Then for those like Sy Rogers, former homosexual and formerly a Gay Rights activist, his conversion to Christianity was based on the love and acceptance he experienced in a Christian community. Many people become Christians for reasons like these, but, by far, the most common reason, at least statisticaly, is some kind of Pentecostal encounter.

A Novel Conspiracy

Just over a hundred years ago, a group of Trinity College, Cambridge students formed a covert society called the “Midnight Society”. Many of the Society members became professors at Cambridge, while others became famous novelists, playwrights and authors. At a time when Christians generally considered fiction grossly inferior to non-fiction (and theologically devotional writings), the members of the Midnight Society were strategically using it. They understood that the values and the morals of a nation could be influenced by the fiction it consumed. And they had a radical agenda…



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