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Order this Collector's 5 Disc Set of the F.W. Boreham Story

The 5 DVD Collector’s Set on the life and ministry of Dr. F.W. Boreham, available in NTSC or PAL. Just $US29.95 plus flat fee shipping of $US9.95

“Frank W. Boreham was marvelous at seeing beauty in the simple things of life, and his books have played an incalculable role in molding me. Moreover, anyone that I have introduced to his work has never stopped thanking me for his brilliant nuggets of truth. I am delighted to see Boreham’s story brought to life on the screen.” 

Dr. Ravi Zacharias, author and speaker




“In 1936 F. W. Boreham was introduced to a large gathering of pastors in Edinburgh as “the man whose name is on all our lips, whose books are on all our shelves and whose illustrations are in all our sermons.” Now, 80 years later, Dr. Andrew Corbett is introducing F.W. Boreham to a new generation through this DVD series, Navigating Strange Seas. Andrew has not only studied his subject’s 55 books but he has visited the key places where Dr. Boreham ministered and in the process, unearthed new material and fascinating insights. The DVDs depict the places where the Boreham family lived, they tell the Frank Boreham story, they include many of Boreham’s photographic images and they contain rare audio footage of the famous man preaching. This series will inform those who have never heard of F W Boreham. It will give them a taste of his writings and be useful to anyone seeking to navigate the strange seas of their life. As a pastor, Dr. Corbett is keen to convey the wisdom that F W Boreham shared in his essays and sermons about the high calling of being a pastor and how to navigate its peculiar pressures. Billy and Ruth Graham, Leslie Weatherhead, Ravi Zacharias, Gordon Moyes and countless preachers have all acknowledged the way that F W Boreham has inspired them and enriched their ministries. You will want to add your name to this list after purchasing this valuable DVD series for your own study and enjoyment. Buy a series to give a gift of encouragement to your pastor. Share this valuable new resource with the small groups within your church.

Rev. Dr. Geoff Pound, Former Principal of Whitley College, Melbourne



Dr. Andrew Corbett

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